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west hollywood superior court

The Clara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center is one of the main courthouses in the Greater Los Angeles County and it serves a number of police departments in the area. The West Hollywood Police Station relies heavily on this courthouse to handle most of its cases; however, it will mainly depend on the charges against the defendant to determine which courthouse his or her case will be sent to. This courthouse is located at 210 West Temple Street Los Angeles, CA 90012, which is in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles and it is located only a few miles away from the famous Union Station, which makes this courthouse easy to get to.


You could easily stop by the courthouse on your way to somewhere just to see how everything works and find out about any programs that may be happening in your area. This courthouse is one of the bigger courthouses in the county and is located right next to a couple of the federal buildings for California, which means that you could get all of your legal work done in this area. Some of the services that are offered in this courthouse include: Appeals, Bail Bonds, Community Service, Criminal, Traffic, Civil Law, and Health Services. The men and women at the West Hollywood Police Station rely on this courthouse to handle all of their cases and to get all of the criminals in court. Because of the size of this courthouse, the safety of the building and everyone inside of it is really important.


This is the reason why every person that walks into the building will have to be searched as well as their bags in order to determine that they do not pose a threat to the safety of the courthouse. This makes certain that there are no weapons entering the building at any time. To add to the security there are police officers that constantly patrol the area and are stationed inside of the courthouse.


However, the courthouse is meant for people to go in and see how the justice system operates at the judiciary level. This is why officials urge the public to come visit the courthouse and witness a hearing or civil case. Anybody is able to sit in a court hearing and witness how an appeal or hearing is conducted. The courthouse is only able to operate successfully when all of its divisions or departments are working together efficiently. It is important that every case is handled professionally and is treated with same sense of urgency as any other case. 

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