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city of west hollywood ca

The beautiful city of West Hollywood is located in the Los Angeles County and is bordered on the north by Hollywood Hills, on the east by Hollywood, on the south by the Fairfax district, and on the west by Beverly Hills.


This city is well known for its unique vibrant commercial corridors, dining, and amazing nightlife. Most of the city’s nightlife takes place on the Sunset strip, which is filled with clubs, lounges, and bars. There is enough to do in this city to keep its residents busy every night of the week.


According to the 2010 Census, there are about 35,000 people in the city, with gay men taking up the majority of the population. This city is pretty safe for a city that lies in the heart of Los Angeles, which is due to its amazing police department.


The men and women of the West Hollywood police department go through vigorous training to ensure that they could handle any situation that may occur in the city at any time.


They constantly patrol the streets of the city to make sure that all of the residents in the city are safe from danger. This also helps the police observe the city to find any potential dangers or anybody breaking the law.

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